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Men are not superficial but their brains were wired in such a way that visual cues attracts them the most

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Men are not superficial but their brains were wired in such a way that visual cues attracts them the most.

Both men and women care about physical looks but for most men, if not all, physical looks come on top of the list.

Men were created in such a way that they get attracted to healthy and fertile women.  In other words if a men picked up certain cues that showed that a certain woman is capable of bringing healthy off springs then he will get attracted to her.

Why do men care about looks more than women do?
I am sure you have never heard a man saying

“I like her because she is the healthiest and most fertile woman I ever saw”.

Men just get attracted to certain features that indicate the presence of enough supply of the female hormone.

This is the way God ensured that a man will have the largest number of off springs because the woman with the best health and highest female hormonal levels will be the most fertile woman.

Men get attracted to women with low waist to hip ratio, full lips, symmetrical faces, feminine facial features and slim body.

Some researchers have shown that men’s preference of slim women is just a cultural phenomenon. They backed their research by evidence that some isolated tribes still prefer heavy women over slimmer ones.

Another theory says that men get attracted to heavy women in cultures where food is scarce and to slim women when there is plenty of food. In the first case men get attracted to those women because they come from wealthy families while in the second case they get attracted to those women because they are healthier than others.

What can a woman do to attract a man?
Men of course do care about other factors in addition to physical looks. The female’s social class, her personality, the way she dresses and her feminine attitude are all factors that can add to the attractiveness of a woman who has average looks.

Women should care about their looks, exercise often and should stay fit if they want to increase their chance of attracting men. In some cultures women ignore their looks then claim that personality is everything.

While this may sound like a wise saying its completely against the biology of a human male.  Many women who don’t want to do more effort to become fit or who can’t exert more control over their appetite run to those philosophies in order to feel good about themselves.

Even if you are an average looking woman living a healthy life style and having a healthy body will give you a superior advantage over other women who don’t do the same.

There is also a piece of good news. Physical attractiveness perception differs from one person to another. This means that what one man finds unattractive can still be found attractive by another man. So never worry, there will always be a man out there who thinks that you are attractive.

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