12 Obvious Signs You’re Passive-aggressive

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Are you being passive aggressive but have no idea, check out these 12 signs;

We’ve all come across passive-aggressive behavior at some point — from the friend who compliments your “bad day make-up”  to the co-worker who checks his phone while you’re dishing out a spicy gist. But while we are always on alert to spot when it’s happening to us, we never always know when we’re doing it.
Being passive-aggressive doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Often it’s “a strategy we use when we don’t want to face confrontations or when we’re afraid to be honest and open.
  1. You are unwilling to speak your truth openly, kindly and honestly when asked for your opinion or when asked to do something for someone. Like I earlier said, you simply rather hold back what you really want to say than say anything at all.
  2. You don’t ever want to be in the center of an argument. You appear sweet, compliant and agreeable but deep down you’re really resentful, angry, petty and envious. Perfect example for this sign would have to be ‘a green snake in a green grass’.
  3. You are afraid of being alone and equally afraid of being dependent. This is the case of, ‘I hate you, don’t leave me’. You fear direct communication because you fear rejection. You then often push away the people you care about because you don’t want them to think you need them. All the while, you afraid of being alone and want to control those around you so they won’t leave you. At this stage, you need professional help.
  4. You frequently complain that others treat you unfairly. You rather play the victim than take responsibility for stepping up and speaking your truth.
  5. You are a certified procrastinator. You rather keep cancelling and rescheduling tasks, especially tasks or favor's you were asked to do than actually carry out the tasks.
  6. You are unwilling to give a straight answer. When asked for your opinion on something, you start stuttering and rambling on and on about what is or what not.
  7. You are the queen/king of emotional blackmail. You sulk, pout and withdraw when confronted about something you did or didn’t do. This 7th sign circles back to your inability to speak up.
  8. You frequently feel inadequate and unsure about yourself or something that concerns you but paint it up with a fine mixture of superiority, disdain or hostile positivity.
  9. Often late and/or forgetful. You do this a lot that it becomes an important part of you. You wear forgetfulness and lateness like embroidery sewn deep into your lifestyle.
  10. You don’t walk or work like a normal human being. You constantly drag your feet as an attempt to frustrate others.
  11. You make up believable stories, excuses and LIES for every single time you slack. You can never be held accountable. You are the master of avoidance of the straight answer. You will go to great lengths to tell a story, withhold information or even withhold love and affirmation in your primary relationships. You can never let folks too they are too important to you. You don’t want them to wield any such power over you. You would rather be in a control of the situation by telling a story that seems plausible enough to get them off your back and make reality look much better from your viewpoint.
  12. You are constantly protecting yourself so no one will know how afraid you are of being inadequate, imperfect, dependent or simply human.
    Article by :okwu chioma (Brittany writes)
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